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HopeDance FilMs showings and more:
FiLMs-SB :: Film info for Santa Barbara
FiLMs-N-CAL :: Film info for Northern Calif.
FiLMs-SLO :: Film info for San Luis Obispo
FiLMs-SMaria :: Film info for Santa Maria
FiLMs-Ventura :: Film info for Ventura County
FiLMs-SCRUZ:: Film info for Santa Cruz
San Luis Obispo area (SLO):
MEDIA-SLO :: Announcements to media people in SLO
HD-Local-SLO :: Local News for SLO
AltMonies-SLO :: Alternative Money SLO
LYoga-SLO :: Laughter Yoga SLO
CAMBRIA :: News and Info for Cambria
NORTHCOUNTY-SLO :: News and Info for SLO North County
SLO-Spiritual ::
SOUTH-sloCounty ::
Misc. announcement lists:
MEDIA-SB :: Announcements to media people in Santa Barbara
CCTransitionT :: Central Coast Transition Towns
DDretreatcenter :: Dancing Deer Retreat Center
HD-Global :: Global News
MENDOCINO :: News and Info for Mendocino County
NBNet :: Natural Building Network
Discussion lists:
911 :: Information and discussion about Sept. 11, 2001
sb-truthaction :: Santa Barbara Activists Forum (subscription requires moderator approval)
ngoma-slo:: Discussion group uniting the drumming, dance, and music communities in SLO

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